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 Heart-Centered Success Coaching Options


  • We are all divine beings, created from the same intelligent, creative, expansive source that causes the tides to rise, flowers to bloom and creates galaxies. This can be called Source, Universe, God, Love, etc.
  • We are all one, connected by our divine source. 
  • All the guidance and direction we seek can be found by accessing our inner divine wisdom and understanding the difference between that and our "ego" voice.
  • Our external world is a reflection of our internal world. Change your thoughts and perspective and you'll change your experience of the world.
  • Ultimately, we are here to live love and inspire joy for ourselves and others. All life circumstances give us an opportunity to grow into our purpose.
  • To be love, truly the presence of love for ourselves and the world, we are called to:
    • Greet everyone with an open heart, without an agenda
    • See the divine essence is everyone and everything
    • Forgive ourselves and others quickly, completely and unconditionally
    • Remember "you are the light" 





6 Month Individual  

Sixty minute one on one coaching sessions are delivered roughly three per month for six months and include:

  • 12 High Performance CORE Sessions scientifically proven to increase your CLARITY, ENERGY, COURAGE, PRODUCTIVITY and INFLUENCE
  • 6 Heart-Centered Success Sessions developed after working with my own clients for the past 10 years; designed to balance Mind-Body-Spirit and to understand how to use divine guidance to consciously live from your Highest Self
  • Includes coach’s session notes, worksheets and recording (if requested)

12 Month Individual 

All of the above plus:

  • 12 High Performance CHARGE Sessions
  • 6 Advanced Heart-Centered Success Sessions
  • Group Coaching and Monthly Subscription programs included
  • Ticket to live event

Request a Clarity Session here  

Maintenance Package

Previous clients and those who have completed the coaching package can re-enroll or keep their positive momentum going by choosing the on going monthly maintenance package (one 60 minute session per month). Contact me here to learn more.


Monthly Subscription Program

Watch this space for a new subscription program that offers exclusive new spiritual based online training  as well as a member only Facebook page. Coming soon!

Group Coaching

I plan to offer a virtual group coaching option dedicated to high performance habits that take you to the next level of your life! And don't worry...the coaching is delivered with a "spiritual twist." Coming in 2019.


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