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Professional Speaker and Teacher

"She's funny, engaging, professional, and most importantly she's a great teacher. Everyone learned so much …"

Corporate groups, conference attendees and workshop participants all agree that a presentation by Diane is engaging, inspiring and fun!  Diane creates custom presentations that help her audience bring conscious awareness to the chaos of thier daily lives by offering simple tools and techniques that work. Whether you want to help your group learn high performance habits, how to destress, manage life challenges or understand how to feel more connected to their intuition, Diane is the perfect choice for your next event. See her in action in the Speaker Reel then contact us to discuss your project and reserve your date.

Popular workshop topics include:

  • The "Be Love Principles" for Living a Happier Life Now
  • Elements of Heart-Centered Success
  • How to Bring More LOVE Into Your Business
  • Lessons from "How to Choose Love When You Just Want to Slap Somebody"
  • Secrets of the Enneagram: Better Understand Yourself and How You See the World
  • Meditation to Look Younger, Feel Thinner, Be Richer & Less Stressed!
  • LOVE: the Secret to Success in Life & Business!

MindSpring Metro DC Conference


“Diane spoke to our group about the experiences she writes about in her book, “How to Choose Love When You Just Want to Slap Somebody.” Her talk was completely inspiring, love being at the heart of it all. Diane’s honestly and down to earth approach in sharing her experiences with our group was a joy. We are really hopeful that when Diane is in England next she will join us again!”

-Jackie White
Inspirations Positive Living Group
Southampton, England

“We had the pleasure of hosting Diane Haworth at Rising Phoenix Holistic Center for a workshop and we had a terrific time. Diane has a lovely personality. She's funny, engaging, professional, and most importantly she's a great teacher. Everyone learned so much …. We can't recommend Diane highly enough!”

-Tracy Causley
Founder, Rising Phoenix Holistic Center

“Diane, I could listen to you for hours!  I don’t tire of your voice, your spirited energy, your humor, your ability to bring information down to a level where everyone understands, your compassion, your contagious laughter, your message which always delivers even more than I anticipated. I always leave wanting more, not wanting it to end, always feeling filled, more than what I felt before walking in. I think back on all the times I never wanted your talk or presentation to end.  It is mesmerizing … never tiring, never boring, always energized, uplifting, touching, ..you touch hearts, Diane, and give so much more than you can know.”

-Donusia Lipinski
Myrtle Beach Immigration Law Office

“Diane conducted a training for the therapists at my counseling center.  What a treat!  She was engaging and knowledgeable and fun. Her insights and assessments were spot on.  She used her personality, her intuitive skills and her wide range of knowledge to teach us about knowing ourselves fully and using that knowledge and wisdom to heal others. I recommend her completely.”

-Marianne Clyde
Founder, Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy

“Diane is amazing in her ability to capture an audience's attention and embodies such an intuitive and captivating energy. Her audience is mesmerized by her knowledge and presence!”

-Susan Hughes
 Founder, The Baby Girl Project